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Destination Weddings Unlimited
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Destination Weddings

Let us guide you in creating the wedding of your dreams with our expert planning assistance.

Our team is committed to crafting unforgettable experiences that are customized to reflect your individual vision and desires.

Relax and enjoy the journey while we turn your wedding dreams into a reality.


Green Water

How does it work?

Tropical Resort

We Find Your Perfect Destination

We will help you narrow down a selection of locations and resorts that best match your vision and your budget.


We understand that choosing the right setting for your special day is pivotal and we will be steadfast in our committment to finding the ideal destination for you.

Bride and Groom

We Secure Your Contract

Once your wedding date is confirmed, we will work with the resort to draw up a contract outlining the cost-per-room type and the number of rooms you would like to hold for you and your guests. This becomes your room block that you and your guests can reserve from. 

Working with us to secure your rooms not only ensures a seamless booking process but also unlocks exclusive wedding perks that can result in cash back for you.  

Beach Wedding

Invite Your Guests

Once your wedding date is secured and we finalize the details of your contact, you can start to invite your guests.


We provide all of our couples with a reservation portal they can share with their guests. This portal has all the information your guests will need regarding the resort, room types, pricing and payment schedule.

 We can assist with payment plans if needed. 

Throwing the Bouquet

Start Planning

Let's get to the fun stuff. We will connect you directly with your resort's on-site event coordination team to plan all the details of your special day.

We stay fully connected to you during this phase to ensure onsite planning and guest reservations are running smoothly.

There will be periodic check-in meetings with us to review room block status, pending payments, travel related questions and any other contract details. 

Why is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

Planning a destination wedding can turn your dream into a reality, offering an unforgettable way to say "I do." 

Unique:  With a list of options as big as your imagination, a wedding like no other is guaranteed. Incorporate some local cuisine or local experiences into your day, not to mention a few beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos and you will elevate your entire wedding from an event into an experience.

Intimate: Having an enormous guest list and ensuring you spend quality time with everyone in one night can seem overwhelming. Spending quality time with everyone over a few days will make the experience unforgettable and special. You'll be surrounded with a group of happy, relaxed travelers at your wedding making memories filled with love and magic. 

Budget: Surprisingly, opting for a destination wedding can often be a more budget-friendly choice compared to hosting a traditional wedding in your hometown. The cost-effectiveness largely hinges on the selected destination and the number of guests you plan to invite.

Planning a Wedding

Tips & Tricks


Make sure they are renewed if about to expire within 6 months of your event. 

Marriage Certificate

Your destination wedding ceremony might not count legally. Make sure to find out before you go.

Bad Weather

Avoid the rainy season for your selected destination. Most tropical destinations have one. 

Room Blocks

There is a sweet spot when deciding on how many rooms to put in your room block. Don't worry, we will advise you. 

Plan Early

12-18 months minimum in advance is generally advised.


Believe it or not, some couples forget all about the honeymoon. You can decide to stay in the destination of your wedding or change locations.


All-inclusive resorts offer the most bang for your buck and we know where all the gems are. 

Calm Waters

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